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  • Epic Games vs Apple

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    2r is the irregular law firm dealing with cases against organized crime, religious crimes, large-scale fraud, corruption. We aren't on social media. Follow our website and join our Humans-In community. #2R #lawfirm #irregulaw #beinghuman #raevskayarepnina #organisedcrime #corruption #naturallaw #humanrights #criminaljustice #criminology #humanrights #equality #diversity #startedinoxford #oxfordsbs #oxfordbusinessalumni #saidbusinessschool #universityofoxford #russia #global #moscow #uk #oxford #portsmouth #london #womanfounders #serialentrepreneur #womeninlaw #womeninbusiness #раевскаярепнина #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #raevskayarepnina #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima

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  • 2R Law Firm | #irregulaw | Ciminal Justice | Fraud | Organized crime

    #IRREGULAW 2r is the irregular law firm dealing with cases against organized crime, religious crimes, large-scale fraud, corruption. ORDER ONLINE Irregular Law 2r works with law anomalies - when regular law does not work as it should be due to organized crime, corruption, politics, or something else. 2r focuses on irregular, enormous projects, combining law, finance, business, economics, religious, political issues. Irregularity implies that 2r works on an irregular basis. We arrange for the team to address the specific needs of an individual project. 2r offers the complete set of services for non-standard situations. Our Services 2R works with the businesses or shareholders facing a hostile takeover, any forms of illegal prosecution, an unlawful conviction of a felony, unlawful tax claims. 2R helps when the case combines economics, business, political, religious, security, tax evasion, corruption issues if you are a victim. 2R mitigates corporate conflicts and protects your company from illegal capture. 2R investigates corporate fraud as well as difficult sensitive or confidential issues. Our Irregularity Multi-dimensional Approach 2R analyzes every case and develops a strategy of the litigation based on a 360-degree methodology. 2R considers all aspects of the case beyond the legal issues. Standardization of Response During the years of practice, 2R has developed the standard approach for every irregulaw case. We apply that for every non-standard situation, which is routine for us. Our strategy is based on the predefined set of actions that we perform in the predefined sequence. Civil Claim in Criminal Process If the loss has been caused by the criminal offense, the real loss indemnification will be possible just as a civil claim in the criminal process. You never win if the civil process starts first. Our strategy is to reach the starting of a criminal proceeding, collect evidence, and avoid the civil claims as long as possible, even though it can be very hard. Our Competencies Criminal Law Civil Law Religious crimes cases Human Rights LGBT Rights Protection Juvenile Justice Tax Law International Law M&A Corporate disputes Corporate fraud Investigations Get the quote LOVE PETS? YES! Defendants 100% of cases supported by 2R are dealing against organized crime, including public administration and criminalized financial groups. Cases Hostile takeovers Bank of Moscow Investlesprom Eldorado Sunrise Bananamama BOOST Teploservice Priladozhie Unlawful tax claims Eldorado BOOST Priladozhie Statistics Founded in 2001 by Raevskaya-Repnina 18 years of practice 400+ legal cases Total number of lost: 0 More about us Get the quote Send Submit Thanks for submitting! Contacts Phone +7 495 748 81 78 Whatsapp +7 925 382 63 08 #IRREGULAW BEING HUMAN

  • ORDER ONLINE | 2r Law Firm | Irregulaw |

    ORDER ONLINE You can apply for our services online if you a resident of the Game or represent a company belonging to the BOOST and HASHEIGHT groups of companies. If your project meets the criteria for tailored advisory services, but you are not a resident of the Game, you will first need to obtain your RID number at the BOOST , the Game's shared economy operator. In case your project does not meet the criteria for individual consultation, we recommend using the business artifacts, the Elephant section , or the Turnaround Guide school . Important notice. During the temporary mode before the launch of the Game, some services and products in your country may be temporarily unavailable or provided with restrictions. All products and services are subject to specific rules. Companies of the BOOST, HASHEIGHT groups, and existing residents of the Game, have the right of priority when ordering products and services. 2R LAW FIRM Irregulaw practice Select a Service Irregulaw: corporate fraud case Irregulaw: corruption case Irregulaw: case against organized crime Irregulaw: religious crime Irregulaw: illegal prosecution Irregulaw: hostile takeover Irregulaw: tax case Irregulaw: special situation Irregulaw: corporate crime Irregulaw: large-scale fraud Irregulaw: crime against child Irregulaw: crime against woman Transaction support: cross-border mergers and acquisitions Transaction support: legal due diligence Transaction support: deal structuring Transaction support: deal execution Transaction support: closing verification Heritage: find out assets and property Heritage: enter into possession Family law: marriage fraudster Family law: invalid marriage Family law: invalid divorce Family law: divorce and related property disputes P2G disputes: cases against public authorities P2G disputes: cases against state-owned companies B2G disputes: cases against public authorities B2G disputes: cases against state-owned companies Consumer rights: cases of mass violation Labor law: Board and executives nominations Labor law: Board and executives dismissal Labor law: Board and executives labor contracts Corporate law: corporate conflicts Corporate law: corporate governance organization Corporate law: Board of directors ground base Corporate law: corporate governance ground base for shareholders Corporate disputes: large-scale complicated cases Legal opinion: title to the real estate object Legal opinion: title to the business Legal opinon: contract Legal opinion: transaction Human rights: discrimination against LGBT Human rights: discrimination against people with disabilities Human rights: discrimination against aged people Human rights: mass serious violation of human rights arrow&v PLACE YOUR ORDER I don't have a RID Thanks for submitting! We handle incoming requests within 48 hours.

  • Order Online Rules | 2r Law Firm | Criminal law | 2r | Russia

    RULES FOR ONLINE ORDERS AT THE ENTERPRISES OF THE RARE EARTH GROUP. 1. These rules set out the basic principles for placing, paying, and accepting orders at the enterprises of the Rare Earth group. 2. This website is a website related to a business or a business project that is part of a group of companies owned by A.M.S. Raevskaya-Repnina, or her companies BOOST, HASHEIGHT, and any of their subsidiaries and dependent entities or persons without exception (and referred to as Rare Earth). The group operates within a closed perimeter. Rare Earth focuses on serving clients using the entire Oasis infrastructure of the group within the Game ("Project 3000"). 3. Rare Earth does not engage in business or conduct operations contrary to Rare Earth's ethics and laws. That imposes many restrictions on certain business operations, methods of communication, and other aspects. It also prohibits interaction and maintenance of any business relationship with various legal entities, individuals, public sector companies. The materiality of the operation does not matter. 4. In connection with clause 3, before the launch of their payment system and crypto mining infrastructure of the settlement unit of the Unicoin group, Rare Earth enterprises do not accept online payments using websites. Rare Earth cannot precisely identify the transaction party, ensure capability to interact with that person, cannot guarantee the security and protection of the transaction, as well as are unable to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering legislation within the framework of existing payment systems and banking operations that are currently available in the Russian Federation and abroad. For the same reasons, Rare Earth enterprises do not maintain communication in social networks and ready-made marketplaces. Rare Earth businesses don't post their goods and services on them for sale. You can purchase B2C and B2B goods and services of the Rare Earth group using an online order on the group's website, followed by payment of funds for the product or service by wire transfer to a bank account or by personally visiting the group's retail store. 5. The websites of the Rare Earth group function for the online placing of customer orders, upon receipt of which the relevant companies of the group enter into contracts and agreements within the framework of the current Rare Earth business standards. Buyer shall make payment under these contracts through the bank accounts to the bank account of the Rare Earth company, which is the contractor under the contract. 6. Without placing an online order on the group's website, contracting with a counterparty for corporate sales is not made. 7. Without assigning a RID number to the client, which serves to identify the client in the infrastructure of Rare Earth products (referred to as the Game), Rare Earth doesn't provide services to customers. 8. Rare Earth may refuse to execute an order if a business relationship with a customer violates clauses 3-4 of these rules and if the project declared by the client does not meet the criteria for contracting indicated on the group's websites. 9. Individuals and legal entities can only access certain Rare Earth businesses that carry out retail sales if they have separate electronic devices or special passes that grant the right to be a client of such enterprises. This rule applies to businesses serving business customers, retail, consumer products, pet products, and other sustainable FMCG products and services. 10. Despite the presence of a device or pass that gives the right to enter the territory of the enterprise, which is part of the Rare Earth perimeter, the Rare Earth will deny an entry for the intoxicated client. 11. Only adults who have reached the age of 21 can be clients of Rare Earth businesses. For several companies, the minimum client age is 25 years. Some Rare Earth facilities may provide services to children and will be disclosed accordingly. However, all businesses in the Rare Earth Group support a total ban on marketing and advertising to children for children.​ 12. To place an online order, you need to go to the Order online section of the website and place an order for services, following the instructions in the section. In some cases, you will not be able to place an order without receiving the RID number assigned by the BOOST Business Tuning Atelier, which is a back-office operator in the sharing economy. In the same section, you can read the terms of use of the website, cookie policy, privacy policy, legal information, if available on the site. Legal information about the contractor of the order of the operator of the site may be partially unavailable on the site if the site owner, site operator, the copyright owner of the site content, and other persons involved in the process of site management, updating, or receiving online orders are different legal entities, and the placement of such information requires a significant amount of time. We make every effort to ensure that such information is posted in full and promptly, but at the moment, this is not always possible. 13. Within 48 hours after placing an order on the site, the customer support contacts the client. Customer support provides the client with information about the requested service or product, the terms of delivery and sale, the final price of the demanded product. The price catalog for the products and services bought within the framework of the Game infrastructure is contained in the service level agreement with the Game, which is a basis for the assignment of RID. 14. We do not plan that in the future the RID assignment will be carried out faster than 48 hours. Even after the launch of the full infrastructure of the project, we do not plan to process applications for client identification in a shorter time. We can also refuse service to you without giving a reason. However, this does not always mean that you will not be able to become a client of the Rare Earth enterprises in the future. 15. For complete information about the Game, visit the websites of the HASHEIGHT enterprises , BOOST business tuning atelier , as well as the websites of their products. More information will be available as the products and the Game are developed. That will appear on the Rare Earth enterprises' websites.​ 16. This text could have been translated in whole or in part using machine translation tools and was not localized using professional correction. In case of doubt about the correctness of the translation, the English version of the rules is dominant. Moscow, Russia, May 9th, 2021.

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  • Welcome to the #IRREGULAW Forum Page.

    2r is the irregular law firm dealing with cases against organized crime, religious crimes, large-scale fraud, corruption. #2R #lawfirm #irregulaw #beinghuman #raevskayarepnina #organisedcrime #corruption #naturallaw #humanrights #criminaljustice #criminology #humanrights #equality #diversity #startedinoxford #oxfordsbs #oxfordbusinessalumni #saidbusinessschool #universityofoxford #russia #global #moscow #uk #oxford #portsmouth #london #womanfounders #serialentrepreneur #womeninlaw #womeninbusiness #раевскаярепнина #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #raevskayarepnina #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima

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