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    2r is the irregular law firm dealing with cases against organized crime, religious crimes, large-scale fraud, corruption. We aren't on social media. Follow our website and join our Humans-In community. #2R #lawfirm #irregulaw #beinghuman #raevskayarepnina #organisedcrime #corruption #naturallaw #humanrights #criminaljustice #criminology #humanrights #equality #diversity #startedinoxford #oxfordsbs #oxfordbusinessalumni #saidbusinessschool #universityofoxford #russia #global #moscow #uk #oxford #portsmouth #london #womanfounders #serialentrepreneur #womeninlaw #womeninbusiness #раевскаярепнина #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #raevskayarepnina #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima

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  • ELEPHANT | 2r Law Firm | Natural Law | Religious Crimes | White-collar Crime

    Elephant Stay alive What does a lawyer need to know to work as a lawyer, especially a criminal lawyer? Law is not enough. Law enforcement? No, that isn't enough as well. A lawyer, if he is going to work with a global business, needs to learn something different: history, religion, foreign languages, fine art. Imagine if you find yourself on an island with aborigines whose language you do not speak, whose power structure you do not know, and whose laws you do not know. What if you are currently going to be executed on this island for breaking some rules unknown to you? Will you call the police? Or submit the claim to the court? Of course not. You will need something completely different. What will you do if you are in trouble in a state whose laws you do not know? How to work as a lawyer, accompanying global projects? It is impossible to know all the legal regulations of all countries. What is the ground base, knowledge of which will allow you to survive in the jungle and cope with any problem situation that you cannot legally resolve? We assume these are five components: history, religion, language skills, fine art, and the fifth missing element ignored almost always. We create The Elephant section to provide you with knowledge about these four components. The fifth component you shall discover by yourself on our website. Why Elephant? Natural law BEING HUMAN This part of our resource page was dedicated to natural law. Natural law is a system of law that is based on a close observation of human nature and on values intrinsic to human nature that can be deduced and applied independently of positive law (the enacted laws of a state or society). According to natural law theory, all people have inherent rights, conferred not by the act of legislation but by "God, nature, or reason." Do you know that murder permitted in some countries? Do you know why? Natural law has more influence on our lives even than secular law norms. It dominates over human behavior, whether we want it or not. Starting from childhood human learns religious norms - what is right, what is wrong and first taboos. These simple behavioral norms are based on the religious standards of the entourage. People conceive them much easily comparing with traditional legislation. Religious norms are the fundamental part of natural law. They valid disregards any other regulations, and people are guiding by them. However, many of the law regulations in the opposite are contradictory with the religious norms. Knowledge of religious behavioral standards and understanding of their ground base is a key to understand human behavior. Awareness of natural law often is the only way to explain the deeds of someone. That may save your life and keep you staying alive in jungles. When and why which of them shall apply, and how the religious norms affect our lives, read this section. We are simplifying them to enhance their understanding. Follow this section to understand why the regular law norms don't work. EASY READING #WITCHINGLIST Witch me! Scout's trick History History is the main component to climb into someone's skin that allows you to understand the real-life norms of law in any country, to form an approach for actions if the subject area is not regulated by law, to understand and predict the deeds of people in different situations. History is the main component, along with religion, to understand the rule of law, the characteristics of human behavior, and do business in any country. It is impossible to learn the history of all countries. In the study of history, it is very important to stay aside from subjective assessments and to operate only with historical facts. #davnosti To share the historical facts without bias and valuations, we created the #davnosti project. Its task is to tell about the most important historical events and explain their consequences in a global and local context. That will help you understand the reasons for the behavior of leaders of various states, businesses, and the population of different countries and will be the right way to achieve agreement and consensus in your projects. The 2014 Since the country of origin of 2R's business in Russia, we made a separate historical project specifically for Russia, dedicated only to the facts of Russian history that are significant in the business context and explaining the features of the legal application, and how to do business in Russia, which are so worrisome for investors and taken into account in the assessment of the country risk. The 2014 project was launched in 2019 and is currently undergoing renovation. We plan to relaunch that in Q2 2021. Follow our updates. The 2014 is what you need if you are going to do business in Russia or live here. For compatriots, The 2014 may become a surprising way to get the key to understanding the reasons for what's happening in the economy, business, law, and everyday life of our country. Babel Tower To reach a consensus, you need to get into the shoes of the person with whom you are negotiating. That means understanding the history and religion that influence his behavior and implies speaking the same language as your counterparty. Learning a foreign language means much more than simply being able to order your coffee at a hotel without an interpreter. How often have you found yourself in a situation when, during negotiations with your foreign partners, your partners unexpectedly switched from widely distributed English to their native language, which you do not understand to discuss something? First, it is unpleasant and uncomfortable. Second, these create many risks for you if you do business with these people. Third, if you do not understand their language, you will never reach a business agreement. Study language is the simplest way to get to know quickly cultural and historical differences in the life of another country, characteristics of the behavior of its population. That is necessary for both business and everyday life. Speaking in a foreign language is your powerful capability to understand other people, reach an agreement, and efficiently cooperate with them. Speak a foreign language fluently, and you won't need an extensive involvement of lawyers since you will have much fewer conflicts and unpleasant situations with your foreign partners. Together with history and religion, knowledge of languages ​​significantly reduces the number of unpleasant situations in your life, helps you to win in business without litigations. Multilingua Learning a foreign language is not as difficult as you think. But to speak only one foreign language is not enough for you if you're going to achieve serious success. To study several foreign languages ​​simultaneously at the Raevskaya Business School, we created the specific program "Multilingua" was created. That allows you to learn five foreign languages ​​simultaneously in two years. These are the languages ​​spoken by the vat majority part of the world's population. Then you can choose additional languages ​​and learn them as well. At the moment ​​at school, you can study 14 languages. Holy Bitch Publishers In any country, there is a world behind the wall. Its representatives speak fluently a separate language called criminal jargon. These words are penetrating the society, assimilated, and actively used. Learning slang and criminal jargon along with foreign languages ​​are also essential. Knowledge of obscene vocabulary and mastery of it, understanding the reasons to tabu certain words aren't craving for dirty phrases, but become a healthy element of studying the cultural characteristics of nations. Learning criminal jargon is a part of the law school study program. The Holy Bitch Publishers project was created to research criminal slang from different countries, and teach this language. Whether you like it or not, people speak this language too. And to understand other people better, you need to know this section of linguistics as well. Symbolism in Fine Art Fine art is one of the language forms. By drawing, an artist communicates with the outside world. The symbolism of fine art is a self-sufficient interdisciplinary academic section combining linguistics, history, and law. Understanding of fine art and its symbolism are the mastery of one of the most meaningful, complicated, and multifaceted communication types. With it, you can understand even more the characteristics and motivations of other people's behavior. That will allow you to achieve fundamentally different, better quality results both in everyday life and business. In this section, we plan to share with you the basics of fine art symbolism and help you learn it. RBS Fine Art Course You can expand your fine art knowledge at Raevskaya Business School . It is impossible to study in full the language of fine art. However, it can be systematized, understood once to interpret complex images and art objects. At Raevskaya Business School, you will be able to take a special course in fine art, which focuses, among other things, on the meta-information contained in various works of art. At school, you will be able to study how to interpret the language of visual symbols and communicate in it in everyday life with people. That will significantly enrich your communication, extend life experience, and allow you to move to a new level of understanding of other people.

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    Contacts Submit Thanks for submitting! Phone +7 495 748 81 78 Whatsapp +7 925 382 63 08

  • Privacy Policy | 2r Law Firm | Criminal law | 2r | Russia

    PRIVACY POLICY 1. This website is managed by Individual Entrepreneur Anna Maria Serafima Sergeevna Raevskaya-Repnina (hereinafter referred to as the Site Administration). The Site Administration complies with all the applicable law requirements to handle orders, and communication with all website users, website customers who pay for services or goods sold on the website. 2. Considering that we don't identify your personality trustfully at the registration, your data provided to us as personal data can't be a subject of applicable law regulation. 3. The Site Administration and owner of the website don't receive, process, or store your personal data in terms of applicable law. All your data, signing and registration credentials, other user details, are collected and handled by and its third parties (hereinafter - Wix) with the complete list of which we aren't aware. Also, we aren't aware of the complete list of locations and IT infrastructure of the Wix where your data can be collected, processed, and handled. We also aren't aware of the true purposes of the Wix to gather, handle and process your data. 4. Handling and processing your personal data are beyond our control, and we arent' responsible for any actions in this process, except the usage of your name, e-mail, and phone that you communicate to us for your authentification in the private website areas. As long as we don't use any procedures of identity verification during the registration process and don't ask you to provide to us your personal documents confirming your personal identity, we don't consider your data that you use for login and activity on our website as the reliable trustful source of information. In offline transactions, when we can reliably identify the transaction parties, including the execution of your purchases, orders, payments, processing of your personal data can be a subject of specific law regulations and supported by appropriate written formal agreements and documentation. 5. Website creates a digital environment that's free from spam, scam, fraud, spoofing, fishing, and other types of cyber fraud, violence, and offenses, even they are widely distributed on the internet and allowed at the other internet resources including social media. We block and report users whose behavior doesn't comply with that. To protect our users, no actions are performed without your explicit willingness to call that. That means you need to interact with certain buttons on the website or linked text areas to initiate definite activities. Links and buttons calling to action that resulted in commercial or financial decisions are always visible. Despite that has many hidden invisible clickable areas, finding any of them doesn't lead to any financial, commercial, or other types of rights and liabilities creation consequences. 6. We don't use any of your data for spam-sending and advertising. 7. If you want to subscribe for separate areas of the blog, or dynamic pages, you need to push the appropriate button yourself and fill out the registration form. We don't send any messages until you do that. If you receive spam messages referring to our website as a source of the user agreement to receive spam, please report that issue immediately to the Site Administrator at the e-mail: . 8. The Site Administration unconditionally respects all its users, without exception, and adopts unified privacy and privacy policy for all. This means that your data that you consider necessary to inform the Site Administration is used solely and exclusively for the purposes for which you provide such data. We never offer you to accept by default various conditions violating your rights and never make them necessary for the execution of your order or registration on the website. By registering on the website to order goods or services, you can be sure that your data used solely to execute your purchase. 9. The Site Administration does not collect, store, transfer to third parties and does not distribute any information containing your data, except for the data necessary to collect and deliver to you your order paid through the website. Access to information about site customers is available only to the Site Administration and Wix. Information about the customers of the Site used solely to fulfill the order, to reflect order data in accounting, to identify payments. We don't disclose your activity on our website until this activity represents law violation, fraud, abuse, or other types of criminal violence that we report to the law enforcement agencies in any case. 10. We inform you that in addition to the Site Administration, access to your data obtained by the website hosting and site administration services provider Wix Inc., the bank-recipient of the payment from you, the bank-sender of the payment from you, and the payment system. We notify you, that the privacy policies applied by these counterparties may differ and most likely differ in the direction that is less stringent and respecting the rights of users, in this regard, the Site Administration assures that any possible violations in the processing of personal data will not be committed by the fault of the Site Administration, however, may be allowed by these third parties. The Site Administration requests to immediately report all detected cases of violation of the rules for the processing of confidential information and personal data that transferred to the Site Administration or these persons during the processing and execution of the order placed and paid on the webSite. 11. The Site Administration does not carry out any marketing mailings and automatic alerts to users and customers of the website except sending letters to the website customers directly related to the implementation of your order. We ask you to report all cases of receiving spam and marketing communications on behalf of the website. 12. We never offer the website's customers to accept by default the direction of marketing messages and the usage of data from customers of the website for marketing purposes. If you see this type of form when using the website or placing an order on it, please notify us at the . 13. You can subscribe to the site and blog updates on the website by filling out the subscription form. Without filling that, which is not associated with any other operations on the website, you will not receive any updates. 14. You may request the deletion of your data and order information at any time. Write us the request to the e-mail . We will delete all your data and ask Wix to do the same. However, some data we can't delete accordingly to certain law requirements - for example, payment information reflected in banking systems. 15. Any questions related to the receipt, processing, storage of personal data shall be sent at the email . 16. This text can be translated in whole or in part using machine translation tools. Moscow, Russian Federation May 21st, 2021.

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    2r is the irregular law firm dealing with cases against organized crime, religious crimes, large-scale fraud, corruption. #2R #lawfirm #irregulaw #beinghuman #raevskayarepnina #organisedcrime #corruption #naturallaw #humanrights #criminaljustice #criminology #humanrights #equality #diversity #startedinoxford #oxfordsbs #oxfordbusinessalumni #saidbusinessschool #universityofoxford #russia #global #moscow #uk #oxford #portsmouth #london #womanfounders #serialentrepreneur #womeninlaw #womeninbusiness #раевскаярепнина #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #raevskayarepnina #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima

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