1. You enter the website under the operation of the Rare Earth Group.

2. To create meaningful value to our customers and society around us, we maintain a healthy atmosphere in our business, including our communication platforms consisting of our many digital faces - websites. Our digital faces are suitable only for the promotion of our values and strategy. If you think differently - leave our websites and don't use our products. Our websites are an inappropriate space to distribute your opinion about why, in your opinion, we mislead. You have a binary choice - you are on the same pages with us and use our products, or you are out.

3. Visiting our digital face, which is equal to entering the website, you shall read three policies regarding the legal aspects of your dealing with us: Terms of Use and Cookies Policy, Translation Disclaimer, Privacy Policy. If you didn't read them - please leave the site. We build our business based on the primacy of conscious choice. We don't want to deal with people who don't care about their rights honestly represented before entering any relationships.

4. Rare Earth Group supports, evangelizes, and promotes in any form only such types of businesses that don't harm anybody, including yourself. We don't want to see on our websites any kind of destructive unhealthy activity that's contrary to the business strategy we adhere to. 

5. Rare Earth follows the "eat nobody business" rule. 

We support:

- legally compliant, transparent, fair business

- social responsibility

- sober vegan healthy lifestyle

- healthy ethical sexual relationships

- protection of human rights, including the LGBT category of people

- sustainability

- conscious choice. 

We do not support in any form:

- children's marketing

- fraud

- deception

- envy

- debauchery

- doing business on harmful or fraudulent products and services

- money laundering

- animal cruelty

- drugs, alcohol, tobacco businesses, and their consumption

- harassment in any form

- political hate

- religious hate.

6. If you think our vision listed in clause #5 is incorrect, we are not interested at all to read your thoughts on our websites in any of its sections if you think we are wrong. You think we are wrong and don't share our opinion - please, leave the website keeping your opinion with you. Don't use our websites to promote your values contrary to ours. You eat meat, lie, commit fraud, commit adultery, go to church/synagogue/mosque, drink beer daily, smoke, have occasional sex/speed dating/childbirth without being married, and believe that things you are doing are right - it's your choice, but first, go out from our website and promote your values/lifestyle/religion/political opinions in another place, more suitable for that. We accept this shit neither on our digital faces nor in our business. 

7. On our websites, you may do the following things: read about our business, order online our products and services, communicate with our community, get customer support, enter the social project if you are a part of that scope. If you want to criticize our strategy, values, vision, pricing, business model - please, leave the website and do that with the same kind of people like you. Enjoy your daily beer, fast sex, low income, and much other pleasure of the life, bringing to you according to the values your share and promote. 

8. On our websites, any types of cyber fraud, harassment, and hate are unacceptable. We will collect evidence about unlawful behavior and transfer that to the law enforcement agencies.

Moscow, Russian Federation

May 31st, 2021.

Rare Earth Group.